Hainault Road, Leytonstone

Bright and airy side and rear extensions, plus ground floor refurbishment featuring an opening glass corner.

This 4-bedroom house was blighted due to neglect and unsightly conservatories. The layout of the ground floor was fragmented with dark rooms and lacked a connection with the garden.

The original frontal dining room is transformed into a cosy music room, which enjoys the views of the garden through the full-height windows in the kitchen extension. It is a unique and rare sight to see the garden from the front room. The music room is also flexibly connected to the front living room via a sliding wall. A large, floor-to-ceiling glazed screen replaces the hallway wall, turning the hallway into a bright and welcoming space.

The extension creates a generous and bright family space, flooded with light thanks to the multiple skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows, for both the grown-ups and children to share and enjoy. Two large windows on the sides of the kitchen connect it visually with the garden as well as the front part of the house, encouraging connectivity and interaction. The kitchen features concrete worktops and a sizeable island, the focal point of the room.

The dining area opens out into the garden through a corner-partying sliding glass door. Thanks to a well-thought and coordinated design, the roof sails over the opening corner and elegantly floats in mid-air without any structural supports obstructing the view.

The use of dark grey brick and zinc cladding complements the original brick. The dark grey aluminium replacement windows upstairs complete the look.

The open layout and the connection with the outdoors magically transform this property into a desirable family home.


Structural engineer: SD Structures
Zinc cladding: Payne & Hughes